If you’re struggling, and you’re committed to make positive changes, I can help.

In therapy with me, you’ll find the tools and resources to resolve the issue you’re dealing with right now. I’ll also help you create better coping skills that will support you even after you leave therapy.

If you’re dealing with any of these issues, let’s talk about how I can help.

  • Trauma (PTSD, Complex Trauma & Childhood Trauma)
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Career Dissatisfaction
  • Relationship Ambivalence
  • Body Image Issues
  • Immigration and Cultural Integration

My Approach

People often say that they feel comfortable and at ease with me because I am nonjudgmental, trustworthy and calm. I am highly empathic, so when you talk to me, you’re likely to feel understood.

In our work together, we’ll uncover the patterns of behavior and thought that keep you stuck. Often you can’t see those patterns by yourself. We then find new ways for you to engage more fully with the world. I can help you manage difficult emotions, practice better communication skills, and develop self-compassion and better coping skills. Over time, you will notice an increase in self-awareness, gain inner wisdom and have more freedom to make choices in your life. As we work together, you’ll also notice that you’re living in the present moment more and more.

My work addresses the mind, body and spirit because these things are integrally related. I have extensive training in a variety of modalities including depth psychotherapy, relational, mindfulness, experiential, and somatic based therapies. I draw from all of these methods to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs. My role is to guide you in finding the healing path that works for you.

Let’s find out if I’m the right therapist for you. Call me at (510) 473-5795 to schedule a confidential and free telephone consultation now.

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